Why IT and Marketing Need Each Other More Than Ever

The IT team and the marketing team aren’t always on the same page. The IT team may not want to implement technology that the marketing team thinks it needs, and the marketing team may not know the full functionality of what the IT team already has in place. But these two business teams need each other more than ever today, and need to be able to work together to create a successful business experience, both customer facing and internally.

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How I Learned to Navigate a Sea of Data and Stay Afloat

Here at Premier Event Management, it’s my job to do research and turn spreadsheets of numbers into useful charts. This is something I have always loved doing, and as soon as I learned how to use Excel when I was younger, I wanted to put in every bit of data I could find and look for trends. When I worked for a radio station in college, I took all of the unorganized chaos and put it all into spreadsheets, tracking how many times each new song was played and adding it all up so that I could send it back to promoters. Not only did all of these systems for tracking data satisfy my love for information, but they also made my job a lot easier. I cut down my time spent preparing for the week by 25%, freeing up the extra time to do homework and work on projects.

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