Premier Event Management Fall Recap

As we say goodbye to the fall months, we say hello to a few months off from CIO forums. With our Minnesota event on December 5th, we can breathe a sigh of relief until the forums start back up with The 2017 Boston CIO Forum, on March 21st. However, we aren’t going to sit idly by until March. We have some hard work to do in order to pack the place in March. Plus, we have a lot of top secret projects in the works that we are sure you’ll love!

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EPLF Recap – Emerging Emergency Preparedness Events

On November 1st and 2nd in the Portland Convention Center, hundreds of conference-goers and vendors gathered to share in the teaching and learning of emergency preparedness and emergency leadership skills. The Emergency Preparedness Leadership Forum is the project of Daniel Terry, a Premier Event Management partner. We were extremely happy to assist in the first ever EPLF.

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CIO security lessons: Dark thinking on IoT & exploding enterprise networks

The recent IoT DDoS attacks have proven the fragility of some key systems that power the Internet. In this case, users’ ability to get to websites was cut off because the address of the website (such as could not be resolved to its internet address ( As an analogy, planes cannot takeoff or land without runways. The “DNS” servers that translate into are those runways for our website requests. In this article, Bryce discusses the attack in term for non-technical business executives.

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