EdgeHR: Breaking the Boundaries of HR


EdgeHR is an upcoming event designed to put human resources professionals in a collaborative environment that challenges the standards and beliefs of the industry. This conference will take place in Portland, Oregon on September 7th at Pure Space, in the Pearl District. Unfortunately, this revolutionary HR event hit a few bumps along the way, due to its nature as a brand new idea. You may remember murmurs of the AltHR event we were planning in Portland. EdgeHR is the current and final incarnation of that vision, and we are extremely excited to unveil the new name, logo, website, and list of topics.

This conference is aimed at being on the cutting edge of human resources issues and concerns. We don’t want to just educate and inform; we want to start conversation and bring up ideas that business and HR professionals don’t always want to talk about. EdgeHR will challenge what you believe about human resources and prepare you for any situation.

Topics that we aim to cover at the 2017 EdgeHR conference (subject to change):

  • Continuity of Operations in a disaster or emergency situation
  • Cybersecurity – Keeping Your Company’s Records Safe
  • Drug Testing and Marijuana in the Workplace
  • Employee Monitoring and Regulating, including social media and website blocking
  • Employee Healthcare Issues and Concerns
  • Gender Wage Gap
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Workforce Recruiting & Retention
  • Workplace Safety / Workplace Violence

Be sure to visit the EdgeHR website, and Register for EdgeHR 2017!

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